Online service booking for dealerships and garages

Help visitors of your website to become your customers!

Online service booking helps dealerships and independent garages

Increase conversion

Convenient online booking encourages website visitors to take a quick decision on about dealing with the service station.

Attract new customers

Persecption of the service level is formed before visiting the stations and the availability of online booking plays an important role.

Improve service

Online booking works 24/7, and the customers do not need to dial in and wait for the response of the operator.

Increase efficiency

Time reservation over the phone takes time of your staff, it is better to use the time for other tasks.


Iteractive form for instance service booking

Autosprite provides online booking form for posting on the website or Facebook page of a car service center. Also, the form can be placed on partner web resources (online shops, forums, etc.).

Online car service booking is designed to

  • simplify how motorists book car maintenance and repair
  • increase the availability of service centers for customers (reservation in automatic mode 24/7)
  • reduce the load on the call-center of a dealership or a garage and improve the efficiency of service masters and administrators

Online recording allows customers of car service stations to choose works to be carried out, and then select a convenient time from the list of available. To finish reservation the client needs to verify his or her phone number. This is done by sending an SMS with a verification code. After entering the confirmation code service works automatically planned (distributed between available work posts and mechanics) and within a few seconds, the customer receives a confirmation of the booking.

Time management system

Autosprite time management system time is a modern replacement for paper reservation books.

Working with time tracking can be done from your desktop or tablet PC.

The system is designed taking into account the specifics of the service stations and is ideal for garages, car washes and tire services.

The system is not overloaded with information and does not require special skills.

System can automatically remind customers about reserved time and informs about execution of works by means of SMS notifications.

Our services for dealership and garages

Integration with software for auto repair (DMS)

Autosprite time management system can be easily integrated with other software. All our partners can request access to the Autosprite API. We will be glad to help you integrate our software into your infrastructure. Please contact us to get more information.

Websites audit for dealerships and independent garages

We have extensive experience working with service stations, and we know the criteria to be met by the service station website to effectively drive customers. We can tell what information is really important and interesting for car owners and potential customers, and what is best to remove the wayside. If you plan to redesign or refine your website, we will help to make the technical project.

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